Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin Olive Oil


Extra-virgin Olive Oil Toscano IGP- Organic 


Produced exclusively from olives grown on the farm

Our extra-virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from olives grown organically at “La Sabatinaccia”. After picking our olives, we press them at a certified organic oil mill (Terre dell’Etruria). We bottle the oil ourselves. Our oil is certified Toscano IGP, resulting from the classic Tuscan varieties (Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Maurino, Pendolino).

It abides by the parameters of the Toscano IGP production specification which are actually more stringent than those applying to the “regular” extra-virgin olive oil. Indeed, while regular extra-virgin olive oil must not exceed a 0.8% acidity, the same parameter for the Toscano IGP is set at 0.6%. The acidity of our olive oil normally does not exceed 0.3%. Further, Toscano IGP, unlike regular extra-virgin olive oil, has to undergo a very thorough evaluation on the part of a committee of registered oil experts (tasting panel), whose role is to evaluate the oil’s organoleptic and sensorial qualities.

For the extra-virgin olive oil to obtain the Toscano IGP certification, the absence of flaws is not enough. The oil must meet other standards, most importantly it has to have an adequate aromatic profile


LAB ANALYSES (Oct 31- 2022) 

acidity 0,30

peroxides 7,5

biophenols 504

Our 2022 production boasts a medium intensity  fruity aroma (5.0) with notes of artichoke (3.3) and herb (3.0) . Its bittter (4.8)  and piquant (4.8) notes  are well balanced.

In order to preserve its fundamental characteristics, olive oil should be stored away from strong light (preferably in the dark), at a temperature between 15 and 18 °C.

“The Sabatinaccia” organic Toscano IGP olive oil is available in  500 ml format (15 €)- Please see the label for the expiration date